The New Value of Crypto

Tyler Shepherd

Investors are trading in traditional financial institutions for cryptocurrencies in droves, and it's understandable why. They want to prepare their portfolios for the future. Instead of relying on banks that continue to fail almost unapologetically, they’ve opted to diversify their assets more mindfully. Those who excel in navigating the market and putting the correct platforms to use are quickly gaining traction in the sector, leaving their competitors in the dust.

Bitcoin BTC and other digital asset options based on innovative blockchain tech offer benefits that traditional institutions are far from being able to provide. As opposed to banks, cryptocurrencies lack central authorities, payment processors, or company owners. Transactions are quick and easy, resulting in a potentially higher return for traders. Enhanced network security works to support these new, direct transactions that put the prying eyes of third parties in their place.

Buyers are enjoying a lessened risk of fraud while putting their resources into crypto. Taking on a startup or even investing in real estate can easily result in almost poetically devastating failures, making crypto more of a sure bet. Not to mention, there’s no risk of inflation—individuals can preserve their coins.

Crypto Market Gains Speed

With today’s USD the way it is, the crypto market—previously regarded as dangerously volatile—has picked up some intense speed on its trek to take over the future of finance. Stablecoins pegged to the US dollar have significantly stabilized the market, putting those constant, surprisingly drastic drops to rest. As the market adapted to this new and innovative type of asset, it created an even better option for forward-minded investors to take advantage of. Now, it’s one of the top choices that financial movers and shakers insist on getting involved in.

Reduced transaction fees are making a meaningful difference in the market as well, enticing entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals, CEOs, and small business owners to take some of their resources to crypto. No one wants to see exorbitant fees add up on their bank statement. Rather than suffer the widely accepted price gouging that today’s traditional financial institutions consistently partake in, people are opting out. They’re taking to the blockchain instead, where their transactions can be conducted without excessive charges, providing them with a more metaphorical bang for their buck.

In many cases, the speed of the direct transactions the blockchain and cryptocurrencies provide also translates to having more resources. For example, if the market moves and you want to trade, but the system can’t handle the speed or magnitude of the transactions coming in, you might be left out of the gains. That’s not the case when it comes to crypto and the new age of financial transactions. With crypto, if you can dream it, you can do it.

The New Global Currency

Last but not least, security is drawing enthusiastic investors close to the crypto world. Instead of worrying about whether your third-party institution is going to get hacked or if your sensitive information is readily available to its employees, you can actually sleep at night. Transactions are direct and are approved or denied—there’s no in-between. All of the lingering question marks turn into exclamation points. That’s the new value of crypto.

This is for informational purposes only. Please invest at your own risk.

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