Jenna Brocious: The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Odyssey of Positivity and Purpose

Molly Peck

In a world that often prioritizes pragmatism over spirituality, Jenna Brocious emerges as a trailblazer, seamlessly blending her spiritual insights with entrepreneurial ventures. 

Early Life and Its Shadows 

Jenna's early life was marked by more challenges than not. Growing up with a single mother who was an alcoholic, Jenna’s childhood taught her more about what not to do in life than what to do. Yet, every storm has a silver lining, and Jenna’s resilience was hers. While the memories of her alcoholic mother loom large, Jenna chose to pick lessons over lamentations; she chose to find those silver linings rather than dwell on the pain. Each struggle was a stepping stone, preparing her for the larger journey ahead. Even at a young age, somehow Jenna knew that she was meant for something more, that all the challenges were not in vain. “I would say the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 10:13 over and over in my head during hard times,” she says. “It gave me the strength to keep moving forward everyday.”  

Finding Solace in Arizona  

Leaving her hometown at 19, Jenna sought refuge and a fresh start in Arizona. It wasn’t just about a new location; it was about rewriting her life story. “I took a big risk moving to Arizona with only $2,000 dollars in my pocket. But I knew I had to try to get away from everything I knew. I knew that moving to Arizona was my way out. It was my way to create distance from my mom and everything I knew,” says Brocious. As she navigated through diverse roles, from hospitality to real estate, Jenna was crafting an eclectic tapestry of experiences, each thread adding depth and dimension to the fabric of her life. Arizona proved to be exactly what her soul needed. “Arizona was freedom to me. I was free to make my own decisions, free to live a different way. Arizona gave me a new life; it let me create my own happily ever after,” she reflects.  


The Intersection of Motherhood and Spirituality 

The arrival of her son in 2015 was a major turning point in Jenna’s life. Amidst the joys and fulfillment of motherhood, Jenna found herself being irresistibly pulled towards her spiritual core. “I found a new sense of purpose when I became a mother to my amazing son, but still, my soul was yearning for something more,” says Brocious. “When he was in preschool, I started sitting in prayer and meditation every day, hoping my life’s purpose would be revealed to me. This period of introspection gave birth to what would become my Positive Intention Prayer Cards, though I wouldn’t fully bring them to live until a few years later.”  


Bringing Positivity and Prayer to the World 

The vision of these prayer cards really crystallized during the challenging times of the pandemic. "With a lively four-year-old at home and my husband navigating business uncertainties, life felt overwhelming," Jenna shares. Searching for a positive outlet, she realized the market lacked exactly what she herself was looking for. With her Bible by her side, she penned down prayers that embodied positivity and gratitude. 

Unlike conventional prayers that often focus on adversities or stem from pain and challenges, Jenna's cards emphasize positivity. "Being grateful is such a heartwarming emotion to have during prayer," she says. And the world has responded positively. Her cards, available on Etsy, have found homes across the globe, resonating with countless souls. These prayer cards were more than a product; they were a manifestation of Jenna's spiritual journey and her vision of spreading positivity to the world. 


Empowerment through Self-Worth  

One of the recurring themes in Jenna's narrative is the emphasis on self-worth. Her personal experiences, marked by many challenges from an early age, instilled in her a profound understanding of the need to value herself. Even with such a tumultuous upbringing, "I never allowed my mother’s hurtful words to define me,” she says. Her insights offer a powerful reminder that our worth isn't defined by external circumstances, but is an intrinsic quality that demands acknowledgment and respect. “Knowing that God made you unique and invaluable is the key to holding onto your self-worth," Jenna encourages. 

Business and Spirituality: An Unconventional Blend  

Jenna's entrepreneurial journey challenges the stereotypical divide between business and spirituality. With her husband by her side as one of her biggest cheerleaders, she showcases that spiritual alignment doesn't hinder business success, but can significantly enrich it. 

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, Jenna stands as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing that entrepreneurship isn't just about profit margins and market shares. It's about integrating one's personal truths, beliefs, and ethos into the fabric of their professional endeavors. Her Positive Intention Prayer Cards are not just tangible products, but symbols of a profound spiritual voyage and her earnest endeavor to infuse positivity into the world. 

Jenna Brocious's journey is a potent tapestry of resilience, self-discovery, and purpose. From the tumultuous corners of her childhood to the tranquil embrace of her spiritual awakening, Jenna's story is emblematic of the transformative power of faith and perseverance. In navigating through life's diverse terrains, she has demonstrated that challenges aren't roadblocks but are instead catalysts propelling us towards our destiny. 

Jenna's Legacy and the Road Ahead 

To say Jenna has touched lives would be an understatement. The feedback on her prayer cards reflects the profound impact of her journey on others. But these cards are just the beginning. Jenna's vision stretches far beyond, encompassing books, speaking engagements, and an ever-evolving brand dedicated to upliftment, hope, and spiritual alignment. 

Furthermore, Jenna's emphasis on self-worth and setting boundaries is a powerful message in today's age. In an era where external validations often eclipse inner peace, Jenna's insights resonate with a universal truth: the core of our being, our self-worth, is sacrosanct and must be fiercely guarded and cherished. 

As she continues to weave her spiritual insights into her entrepreneurial ventures, Jenna Brocious is not just building a business; she's crafting a legacy. She’s building a legacy that will inspire many to find their spiritual core, embrace their truths, and embark on journeys that resonate with purpose, passion, and profound positivity. “My purpose is to help, heal and spread more love. If I can do it, so can you,” she encourages. “Life is supposed to be joyful and I hope I radiate that for others to see.” 

Jenna’s prayer cards and more information about her and how to connect with her can be found on her website

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