How Tomas Gorny Lost It All, Rebuilt Bigger, and Became a Global Business Leader

Tomas Gorny
Jon Stojan

It takes a lot to be successful in business, but entrepreneurs will only get very far with an understanding of their resources and the ability to put them to good use. This skill can decide long-term success stories, with young entrepreneurs bowing out of the game before taking the time to learn. You can see this in the story of Tomas Gorny, whose first crash came before his success with Nextiva. Faced with hard lessons, the best entrepreneurs will carry on and begin again. 

Starting with next to nothing is different from the usual way to begin an entrepreneurial journey, but it gave Gorny a leg up in understanding how to work with limitations. As an immigrant to the US, he joined a web hosting startup shortly after arriving, making millions by 23. He moved that success into investing in a variety of technology businesses, but watched it all burn away in a shocking crash.  

This was no slight dip in his career. Gorny went from a set-for-life millionaire to a hard-on-his-luck twenty-something unable to pay his mortgage. After losing what should have been a meaningful fortune, Gorny recovered with the stubbornness of someone who had been there before. He knew how to start from nothing, so he did it again. And this time, it lasted. 

The lessons he took were all about resilience, hard work, and adaptability. His new company is built on innovation. Nextiva focuses on solving the problems of customer experience management and business communications, universal difficulties that Gorny knows only too well from his business ventures. It is part of his forward-thinking, holistic view of innovation and business management. This kind of perfection is resource-intensive and high-stakes, so Gorny knows every company can use the solutions that Nextiva offers. 

Nextiva benefits a great deal from Gorny's commitment to practical innovation. He is solving actual problems with a tenacity that can only come from the kind of real, hard business experience tenacious entrepreneurs will have. The same principles, forward-thinking problem-solving, and customer-focused values that made him a success three times over are now turning Nextiva into an industry leader. No competitor can imitate Gorny’s perspectives on communications, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Today, Nextiva is a leader in customer experience management and business communications across the United States. Gorny’s insights and experiences serve as a lesson and inspiration for entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

Tomas Gorny is seen as a thought leader on entrepreneurship, the use of technology and resources, and the strategies it takes for a business to succeed. Gorny’s leadership is greater than one company. It is industry-wide. Gorny has proved his place among the most resilient, most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and he will continue to shape its future. 

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