Excessive Heat and Your Skin: SKNV’s Customized Medications are Made for Your Skin and The World You Live In

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Jon Stojan

If you asked 100 people what comes to mind when you think of prescriptions, customization will not likely be the answer – mostly because we’ve all been taught to believe one-size-fits-all medications are the status quo. Big pharma knows having a single Rx product that everyone uses is more profitable given their preservatives keep the stock shelf-ready for months or years. Plus, being able to vary the amount and formulation of key active ingredients for the needs of a specific patient isn’t even a realistic expectation of your traditional pharmacy. 

So, who is looking out for the prescription needs of patients? Enter SKNV. 

As a pioneer in customized medications for dermatology practices since 2015, SKNV has developed a complete line of more than 90 prescription products that can be fine-tuned by your doctor to deal with your skin challenges across all major conditions including acne, melasma, rosacea, eczema and even hair loss. Thousands of practices across the United States have already written millions of SKNV prescriptions for the specific needs of their patients, so this an Rx brand you can trust. 

Let’s break down what “Made for Your Skin” means. As the leader in customized medications for dermatology practices, SKNV delivers both variable potencies of key active ingredients like tretinoin and hydroquinone and the even more unique ingredient customizations across a variety of topical formats. This means these important ingredients can be customized and delivered in gels, creams, serums, cleansers or other formats best suited to each patient’s needs. 

SKNV medications are also unique in how they are “Made for the World You Live In.” For example, the intense heat that has blanketed Phoenix and most of the entire Southern US this summer creates an environmentally specific set of skin challenges ranging from increased dryness to the elevated need for SPF protection. And given the months-long persistence of dealing with skin conditions in hot weather, patients are in search of prescription solutions that can help with hydration while supporting their skin’s natural defenses against breakouts or dark spots. 

It's the combination of product customization and your specific environment that sets SKNV apart from other prescription medicines. The reality is the ZIP Code we live in has always played a significant role in our skin’s health. Maybe you live in an urban area with more air pollution, or you live in the desert where the heat is extreme. Either way, these location factors can now be addressed with the help of a dermatologist and SKNV’s customizable prescriptions.   

With everyone’s skin under the external stress of increased heat these days, it’s time to ask your dermatologist about SKNV. You can start the conversation by finding the right customization match for your skin at http://quiz.sknv.com

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