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This beautiful new trail in Greer needs your help. After years of fundraising, research and planning the Greer Civic Association has partnered with Apache County to complete phase one of trail development in Greer. Our new walkway extends from 92 Beans south to Wiltbank Ave. The color blends perfectly with its surroundings. It is constructed using a unique process perfected by Okanagon Trail Construction out of Cave Creek, Arizona, the largest trail building company in the U.S. Matt Woodson has delivered what he promised. A beautiful, hard surface that will bring strollers and wheelchairs off of Main St. and onto the new trail. Safety has been the motivation for replacing the old walkway as strollers and wheelchairs and in recent years even most walkers and bicycles have used the traffic lanes for their excursions in Greer. In the past there have been 2 traffic fatalities on Main St. and hopefully that will not happen again.

The new trail was completed on September 24, 2016. The Greer Civic Association in partnership with Apache County plans to begin phase 2 as soon as funding and planning can be completed. Phase 2 will go from 92 Beans north past the Little Colorado River and up that hill exiting the village to where the State Highway 373 begins prior to reaching the East Fork Rd.

We are now at a point where funding is beginning anew and your tax-deductible donations are critical to completing this project. Please donate whatever you can to help keep Greer beautiful, safe and as fun as always.